Monday, 29 October 2012

Rapper Lil Wayne suffers two seizures in 24 hours

Lil Wayne is hospitalized after suffering his second seizure within twenty-four hours...
From TMZ
Lil Wayne is about to be released from a Louisiana hospital ... after suffering another seizure on board an airplane, his 2nd seizure in 24 hours... TMZ has learned.
Weezy was on board a flight from Texas to LAX -- when he began to convulse. We're told the flight was immediately diverted to Louisiana ... and Wayne was admitted to a local hospital for treatment.
We broke the story ... Wayne had been hospitalized last night after a pilot reported that the rapper was experiencing seizures on board his flight


we owe it to ourselves and society as individuals, groups and/or organisations to preach against the growing trend of jungle/mob justice. if we fold our arms and watch, that’s akin to throwing stones into a market. one day, it might hit one of our own. this is a non-profit initiative. please spread the message- Bovi

Sunday, 28 October 2012

K Solo Denies Child’s Paternity As Wife Gives Birth To Baby Boy

Popular music producer Solomon Oyeniyi known as K-Solo and his estranged wife, Kikelomo Oyeniyi, welcomed a bouncing baby boy yesterday October 26th. The producer’s wife, Kikelomo announced the arival of her new born baby via Twitter yesterday, just a few days after K Solo announced his engagement to another lady called Linda Jacks aka D.J Babylyn.

Meanwhile, K Solo has reportedly denied the paternity of the child due to some reasons sources close to him referred to as an earlier controversial text message from Kike on the paternity of the baby.

what K-Solo publicist wrote on facebook:

Message From Kike

The unedited purported message allegedly sent to K Solo by Kike reads

Gospel Singer Lara George And Husband Welcome Baby Girl

Talented gospel singer and former member of music group KUSH, Lara George has given birth to a lovely girl. She gave birth to the bundle of joy in America. Congrats Baby girl...


VIDEO: Pastor Having Sex With A Woman While Praying For Her To Get Pregnant. 18+

These men are animals . I dont care how naive this woman was,deceptions like this gives religion a bad name . What you see in this video are two men obviously taking advantage of a woman probably desperate to have a child. You can clearly hear the men tell her to close her eyes while she was being videotaped. The most disgusting part of it was the men telling the woman to recite words that sounded like prayer requests. We received this video clip a while back but we have struggled with the decision of whether to post it or not. We decided to post it after careful consideration just to show folks how desperate people can sometimes be in Nigeria. This desperation whether it is for money, blessing of the womb, cure for illness etc, is the reason so called “Men of God” take advantage of the weak and vulnerable with fake promises of blessings from God. We did not intend to post this clip to promote pornography, we trust folks to be creative enough to find that on more than One million websites. Watch the clip and share your thought

[Photo] Prophetess, 30, Set Ablaze While Celebrating Trance

She was a paragon of beauty not long ago. She now wears a new but frightening look. But when 30 year-old Prophetess Folashade Esther Ogunseye of the Celestial Church Genesis Model Parish Agbado, Ogun state went into trance for seven days sometime in July this year, she warned her church members not to celebrate the feat for her.

But they would have none of that as they insisted on rolling out the drums. So on the fateful day, they prepared food and practically dragged her to the church where they danced round her to celebrate the spiritual feat.

In the midst of the celebration, one of the church workers called Elijah allegedly sprayed perfume known in celestial parlance as Ona La on the dancers without taking cognizance of lighted candles which some of them were holding.

Alas the perfume caught fire and Sade was set ablaze along with three other members who had joined in the celebration. A pastor in the church who had come to rescue them was also affected by the fire.

However, Sade was the worst-hit as she suffered severe burns. So the once delectable Sade has been turned to a monster of sort.

[Photos] Karen Igho Releases Compromising Pictures Of Herself

Why would Karen say her computer was hacked and then tweet a semi-unclad picture of herself?". This and many others are the questions being asked by people who believe 2011 BBA winner, Karen Igho is playing pranks with a view to remain relevant in the news.

She recently cried out on micro-blogging site, Twitter, that her computer had been hacked into and was scared of some of her ‘private pictures’ leaking. But it appears she's the one now leaking her "private pictures".

P'square: Private Jet Business Meeting With Aki & Pawpaw And Bracket

Peter Okoye tweeted these photos this afternoon [Oct. 27] and he wrote:

Had a fantastic business trip with @rudeboypsquare, edukapo, @ositaiheme, @vast_bracket, @smash_bracket Weldon

Something tells me none of the words will be spoken in English

VIDEO: Accident In Abuja. Sallah Mayhem. Viewers Discretion Advised

It happens that the trailer had a brake failure ran across the road and killed passerbys.
Watch Video Below. Viewers Discretion Advised.

Saturday, 27 October 2012

New facts about Genevieve Nnaji's Range Rover Evogue endorsement


In June 2012, Nollywood actress Genevieve Nnaji was unveiled as the brand ambassador of Range Rover Evogue and we all heard she got $100, 000 and a brand new Evogue from the deal. But new facts have emerged about the endorsement deal and I got this direct from inside sources.

Genevieve was offered one of two deals by Coscharis Motors; (1) Take $100, 000 and drive a brand new Evoque for only six months after which she will return it or (2) Take $50, 000 and a brand new Evogue valued at over N10million which she can keep.

I heard the actress took the former, (she already has very expensive cars) so will eventually return the SUV.

Indiscrimination: Chinese Teacher Holding A Screaming Pupil Off The Ground By His Ears

Is this what young pupils are going through?

PHOTOS: Patience Jonathan Marks Her 55th; Dame Jonathan A Bright Star -GEJ

The wife of the President, Mrs. Patience Jonathan, was on Thursday full of gratitude to God for keeping her alive to mark her birthday.

President Goodluck Jonathan has described his wife Patience as the brightest star in his life and his jewel of inestimable value.

Jonathan was speaking at a ceremony to mark the 55th birthday anniversary of the First Lady at the State House, Abuja on Thursday.

Jonathan, after presenting a gift to Patience said: ”I thank God for her life and that she is not celebrating the day on a sick bed.

”She is the brightest star in my life, she is my jewel of inestimable value and I thank God for granting her good health."

The very elated First Lady made this known at a ceremony to mark her 55th birthday at the Presidential Villa, Abuja.

Referring to her recent prolonged trip abroad for undisclosed reasons but rumoured to be for medical treatment, the First Lady stated that “whatever might have happened to her was God’s design for her life.”

She however thanked God for the gift of life, expressed gratitude to her immediate family and Nigerians for praying for her.

Mrs Jonathan, last week arrived the country after being away in Germany for about two months.

On her arrival at the Nnamdi Azikwe Airport Abuja, some Ministers and other government official welcomed her and the First Lady denied been hospitalised in Germany.

President Goodluck Jonathan, after presenting a gift to his wife for her birthday, described her as a shining star in his life .

He also thanked God for granting her good health.

The event was marked with thanksgiving prayers and presentation of gifts by family, well-wishers and friends.

Mum Breastfeeds Her Dog But Bottle-Feeds Her Kids Says, I Finally Feel Complete

Wonders shall never cease. Call it milk of kindness from a mother to her dog, and you will not be far off target.

This is the world of Terri Graham, a 44-year-old mother of two from from California – who breastfeeds her pet pug, Spider.

“I’m finally getting the breastfeeding experience I missed out on with my children,” she tells the 20 October issue of ‘Closer’ magazine. “People may say I’m a freak, but having Spider suck on my b00b means I finally feel complete and a better.

Man Uses Witchcraft To Terrify Girls Into Sex Slavery Across Europe

A Nigerian smuggler who terrified his victims into silence through “juju” witchcraft rituals and sexual violence was convicted today [Oct. 26] of trafficking girls to work in the sex trade across Europe.

Former security guard Osezua Osolase faces jail when he is sentenced on Monday [Oct. 29] for tricking impoverished young Nigerian girls into travelling to Britain before farming them out as sex workers for up (euros) 70,000 a time to continental gangs.

Police identified flight records and forged passport records to show that he recruited 28 girls and escorted many of them abroad over a 15-month period from 2010. But Osolase boasted to his victims that he had been running the scam for more than a decade.

Osolase deliberately targeted some of the most vulnerable girls in the world - orphaned, ill-educated and homeless - and brought them to Britain where he kept them captive.

The 42-year-old ensured their obedience by binding the young girls to him with "juju" rituals - a powerful force in parts of Nigeria - that left girls fearing that they would die if they ran away or spoke out against him.

But in a major breakthrough for police, officers traced three of their victims - aged 14, 16, and 17 at the time - who were prepared to give evidence after they were stopped by authorities while travelling to the European cities on false travel documents.

One of the girls told how she was taken to a house of witchcraft in Lagos. The teenager was given a blood-like mixture told to bathe in it and wrap sodden cloth around her. A priest cut hair from her armpits, some of her finger and toe nails and took blood from her hand. The woman was told that the body parts taken in the ritual would be used to find and kill her if ever she tried to run away.

The majority of Osolase's victims were trafficked to Italy, Spain and France where there is a high demand for West African women to work in the sex trade, police said. However, detectives believe that he funnelled his wealth back to Nigeria and had no trappings of wealth at his home in Northfleet, Kent.

Detective Inspector Eddie Fox said:

"Osolase led these girls to believe a better life awaited them in the UK, he preyed on vulnerable girls who had no one to care for them and would not be missed”. "Juju is a well established belief but Osolase corrupted it in a bid to gain control and bend the wills of his victims. He exploited the girls and took advantage of the fact they had nobody. They were scared, in an unfamiliar country and felt they had no other option but to do as they were told”.

Osolase was convicted on five counts of human trafficking, one count of molest and one count of sexual activity with a child. He was cleared of five other charges.

Friday, 26 October 2012

Mikel Obi Displaying The Illuminati Hand Sign?

Many Nigerians did not believe the existence of Illuminati in Nigeria and many believe it only exit in Nigerian Music Industry. But here is another hint: A few weeks ago Chelsea star, John Mikel ventured into the music business with his younger brother Patrick Obi and launched a record label "MMM" (Matured Money Minds). Few days ago a photo surfaced showing Mikel doing the Illuminati hand sign with a big smile on his face. Does it mean he is one of them?

Thursday, 25 October 2012

Married Woman Strípped Nakéd for Having Sex With Another Woman’s Hubby

The incident, which can be apparently described as a nudé wrestling show, forced parents to cover the faces of children in Lusaka Zambia, Missisi Compound with their palms as the events that unfolded before them were not fit for minors.
Police confirmed the case which happened last Wednesday. The assailant, Shamiso Marovero has since been fined $10 for indecently assaulting Portia Madhuku who was only left with torn undergarments after the melee.
When the source news crew visited the scene, a sobbing Madhuku was at loss of words to explain the beatings she encountered at the hands of Marovero and eight others.
"They were nine of them and they approached me when I was selling my clothes. They beat me up, strípped me nakéd and left me with tattered under garments," she said.
When asked if she had indeed snatched Marovero's husband and was sleeping with him, Madhuku denied ever bedding him. She said her relationship to Marovero's husband was a business one with no strings attached.
"I am not in love with her husband. I only came to know him when he sold some jackets to me on credit. I bought two jackets and paid for them and I never saw him again.
However, Marovero, was singing from a different hymn book. She accused Madhuku of being in love with the father of her children saying the affair began in June this year.
"I discovered the affair in June but I kept quiet. I couldn't confront her because I did not have enough evidence. However, the truth came out when one of her best friends told me everything. I confronted her hence the fracas," she said.
Marovero, however, refused ever beating Madhuku saying she only strípped nakéd "I did not beat her, why should I?"she boasted Madhuku pleaded with The Weekender not to publish the story saying it would break her fragile relationship with her husband, which she is trying to sort out.
"Please I don't want you to publish the story because it will badly affect my relationship with my husband, which is on the rocks," she said. Manicaland spokes person Inspector Enock Chishiri said Marovero and two of her accomplices who partook in strípping Madhuku have since paid $10 admission of guilty fines. He urged members of the public to desist using violent means to settle scores.

Brazilian Student, 20, Agrees To Sell Her Virginity For $780,000

A 20-year-old Brazilian student Catarina Migliorini is set to sell her virginity for a staggering $780,000 after she put it up for auction online.
She making news around the world for selling her virginity to the highest bidder on an on-line auction.

A man called Natsu, from Japan, fended off strong competition from American bidders Jack Miller and Jack Right, and Indian big-spender Rudra Chatterjee, to secure a date her for $780,000.

The auction closed Wednesday morning, and the physical education student, who said she will use the cash to build homes for poverty-stricken families, was the subject of 15 bids.

Catarina's move sparked outrage across the globe, with many claiming she was little more than a prostitute.

She also caused controversy when she revealed she would be followed every step of the way by an Australian crew for a documentary film called Virgins Wanted.

But she said: 'I saw this as a business. I have the opportunity to travel, to be part of a movie and get a bonus with it.

'If you only do it once in your life then you are not a prostitute, just like if you take one amazing photograph it does not automatically make you a photographer.

'The auction is just business, I'm a romantic girl at heart and believe in love. But this will make a big difference to my area,' she told Folha newspaper.

Catarina will be 'delivered' to her buyer on board a plane between Australia and the U.S. - being interviewed before and after the sexual act.

The intercourse itself will not be filmed and Natsu will retain a right to be anonymous, without his picture appearing in the media.

Sex toys will be banned from use and a condom will be compulsory, with Catarina saying she was prepared to prove to any skeptics that she has not had sex before.

Natsu will be tested for sexually transmitted diseases prior to the encounter.

A male virgin called Alexander, who is also being followed as part of director Justin Selsey's documentary, sold for $3,000 to a Brazilian woman called Nene B.

Catarina previously said she wanted to plough the money, $20,000 and 90 per cent of the final auction sale price, into a non-governmental organization which will construct modern houses in her southern home state of Santa Catarina.


Sokoto Governor Flogs PHCN Manager For Failin To Supply Electricity To His House

Governor of Sokoto State, Northwest Nigeria, Aliyu Wamakko, has flogged a manager of Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, for failing to supply electricity to his community.

Premium Times, an online news portal reports that the governor flogged the manager and ordered his security officials to assault two other PHCN staff.

The management of the Kaduna Electricity Distribution Company, KEDC, a subsidiary of the Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PHCN, accused the Governor of assaulting the workers.

The Acting Managing Director of the Company, Mohammed Adamu, made this known at a press briefing late Monday at the company’s Doka office in Kaduna.

Mr. Adamu explained that the staff was summoned by the governor and was beaten to a pulp by the Governor and some of his aides.

“On Saturday, 20th October, 2012, an unusual and unfortunate event took place which was beyond our comprehension. On the said date our business manager, Gwiwa Business Unit, Sokoto state, Moses Osigwe, was invited by the Executive Governor of the State, Aliyu Magatarkada Wamakko to his personal residence, over the issue of lack of power supply to his hometown, Wamakko, as a result of a failed 2.5MVA transformer.

“He accused our staff of deliberately denying his community, Wamakko, of power supply. As the business manager was trying to explain to him, the governor just brought out a horse whip (popularly known as bulala in Hausa language) and lashed him to a pulp,” Mr. Adamu said.

The PHCN boss said the governor’s brutality did not stop at being the direct aggressor, “as he also invited and instructed two hefty mobile police men to continue with the beating spree until the business manager fell on the ground and became unconscious.”

“In the same vain, the Governor did not stop at the beating of our business manager but invited two other staff of the company namely, Isyaku Daura, Officer 2 (Electrical) and Nuruddeen Mohammed, Staff 1 (Lines) and ordered the mobile policemen to beat them up, also to a pulp,” he lamented.

He described the governor’s action as uncalled for, barbaric, and uncivilised. The Senior Special Assistant to the Sokoto state Governor, Sani Umar, when contacted on phone told reporters that he was driving and would call back. He was yet to do so as at the time of this report.

BREAKING NEWS!!! Governor of Taraba, Dambaba Suntai Dies In Aircras


The Governor of Taraba State, Dambaba Suntai has died in an aircrash at the Yola airport in Adamawa state. The governor died in a small plane piloted by him.

The governor died in a small plane piloted by him. He died at age 51.

Suntai was a pharmacist who was elected as Executive Governor of Taraba State, Nigeria running for the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) in April 2007, and was sworn in on 29 May 2007. He ran successfully for reelection on 26 April 2011.
May His Soul Rest In Peace.

Students Kidnap Female Colleague, Assault, Kill And Bury Her In A Forest

BENIN—TWO students of Federal Polytechnic, Auchi, Edo State, Henry Edewo, 21 and Emmanuel Isikhuime, have been arrested by the Police for kidnapping, molesting and murdering a female student, one Mercy Peter, 21, also a student of the institution.

They were alleged to have buried their victim in a shallow grave in a forest at Ugbor village, Oredo Local Government Area of Edo State, after killing her.

Vanguard gathered that the victim, who was kidnapped on July 29, this year, was killed four days later after she was serially molestd by the suspects.

They were also alleged to have continued to demand for ransom from her parents after killing her.

State Police Public Relations Officer, Anthony Airhuoyo, however, told newsmen that the police made a breakthrough in the case on October 17 when two of the suspects were arrested.

He added that a third suspect, whose name was given as Charles, was still on the run.

Airhuoyo disclosed that the suspects took the police to the spot where they buried Mercy and her corpse was exhumed. He said they were awaiting autopsy report.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Famous Igbo Nollywood Actress Diagnosed With HIV In India

Contrary to reports in some quarters that nollywood actress, Ngozi Nwosu is down with kidney problems, a popular entertainment magazine -E247 Entertainment reports that the actress is actually down with HIV.

Findings by my team shows that the actress has become a shadow of herself  while most of her fans are praying for her soonest recovery.

Here is what E247 wrote

The story that Nollywood actress Ngozi Nwosu is critically ill is no more an issue. What is the boggling is the ailment she is suffering from. Following E24-7 magazine’s report in our story, HELP! NGOZI NWOSU IS DYING, published October1-7,2012, our office was inundated with several calls from fans, spiritualists and curious readers but recently a more shocking revelation on the true situation of the health of the once robust and beautiful actress who has over the last two months gone into recluse was disclosed. The source who pleaded anonymity and was formerly in the service of the Nigerian Medical Research Center, Yaba, Lagos as a nurse hinted she’s HIV positive.

According to the source who was one of Ngozi`s medical counselors at the NMR, “Ngozi has been on medical surveillance since 2010. She is what I will call an HIV positive patient. Her kidney problem is as a result of her HIV complications. She used to visit the center on Wednesdays but we have not seen her for some time now”

What about Talia’s eye popping gown at Headies 2012 in Nigeria

Asked why Ngozi took off and shunned medical treatment, the source said, “Ngozi is a stubborn patient. I used to advise her to stop drinking and smoking as these habits won`t speed up her healing process fast. Worst of all, she does not take her drugs righteously. When a patient with HIV refuses to take recommended retro-viral drugs the person cannot get better. That is her problem.

Mind you when she visited the center not quite before I left we found out her DN4 was so low that we immediately raised an alarm and told her to be cautious of her her health situations and advised her to do better in taking her drugs as required.”

The source also revealed that some of Ngozi`s problem to her not getting well may be psychological, “You see when a patient has a troubled love life like Ngozi things will hardly get going for her. She is not a happy woman, having no husband and child, so her thoughts will always be negative and that will cause her more bad than good.

She needs to retrace her steps to finding her healing and that is if she is not already a full AIDS patient.” Currently, Ngozi has kept away from public glare while some of her friends and movie colleagues are seeking financial assistance for her treatment. There are indications she has moved to neighbouring Cotonou, Benin Republic where her former husband comes from as her aides and handlers claimed during enquiry on phone. More troubling, are Ngozi`s recent pictures where she looks gaunt and pale. She has since neglected public functions and stopped appearing at movie locations.

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Sorrow, tears in Anambra State

These are definitely not the best of times for the government and people of Anambra State, as they have continued to be at the mercy of the devastating effects of the recent menace of flooding which have swept across the council areas of the state. Daily Sun gathered that of the 21 local government areas that make up the state, almost seven council areas have been completely swept away by the fury of the flood.

The worst hit are those located at the bank of the river. The entire communities in Anambra East, Anambra West, Anyamelum, Oyi, Ogbaru, Awka North and Awka South as well as Onitsha North and South are no more. They have all gone with the flood and the residents have been turned to refugees in different makeshift camps provided by the state government.

For instance, the entire communities in Anambra East, the Umueze-Anam, Umueri, Otuocha and the rest have all been submerged by the flood while residents of the remaining communities fear that their communities might be submerged soon. The River Niger that overflowed its banks, as gathered, was responsible for the flooding at Ogbaru council areas where residents of nine communities were sacked. The river emptied its excess water into the helpless communities and destroyed their farmlands.

Daily Sun visited some of the affected communities in Ogbaru, Anambra East and Anambra West council areas. The nine communities that make up Ogbaru; Atani, Akiri, Osamalla, Ochuche, Ogbuakuba, Umunankwo, Ohita, Iyiowa and Odekpe have all been sacked by the flood while the remaining Okpoko community is seriously being threatened by the flood.

Livestock are not spared either, just as schools, churches and hospitals are all gone. Business activities have been brought to a halt. All the communities, including the major roads, are covered with water.

Residents move their belongings, including mattresses, from the submerged houses to safety while women and children have been evacuated to safety by the state government. Since the flooding commenced, several citizens, including members of the political class, businessmen and others from all walks of life have commiserated with the state government.

Many have been assisting the victims through provision of relief materials and cash donations to those in the refugee camps.

Among the first callers to the victims was Governor Peter Obi who, on seeing the level of devastation in the affected communities within Ogbaru and Anambra East and West, broke into tears. He visited Ossomala, Ochuche, Umuodu, Akili-Ogidi, Akili-Ozizor and Atani in Ogbaru Local Government area and Oroma Etiti, Ezi-Anam, (Umuikwu and Umudora), Umuenwelum, Umueze-Anam, Umuoba-Anam, Nmiata, Innoma, Ukwalla, Owelle, Igbedor, Odekpe, Odemagu, Nzam and Igbokenyi in Anambra West and promised to help the victims regain their lost items.? ? At both local governments areas, Obi condoled with the affected communities and assured them that the state would stand by them at a period he described as hopeless for them. After visiting the affected communities, the governor, in a broadcast to the state, expressed shock at what he discovered.

He said: “The level of devastation suffered by these communities is much more than what we were even told. Numerous farms were destroyed and washed ashore, while houses were submerged in the flood. Closer to the banks of the River Niger on Ogbaru area, the river has also caused a dangerous coastal erosion that has made the relocation of those living within the affected axis a necessity.”?? Though he said that the state government had taken immediate measures within her capacity, he urged the Federal Government to intervene by declaring the affected local governments ‘flood disaster areas.’

According to him, the Federal Government should embark on measures to manage the situation and save lives and property of the communities from further devastation. Also speaking when he visited the affected communities within Ogbaru, Anambra East and West, Senator Any Uba, representing Anambra South Senatorial District, consoled the victims of the disaster and donated over N10 million to them.

Uba while speaking at Atani, the council headquarters of Ogbaru, said though the calamity was not man-made, the entire people of the state would remain in a mourning mood for a long time because of the devastating effects of the flood on the residents of the area.

He said he decided to visit them personally after hearing about the disaster and said the Anambra flood remained the highest, adding: “the one we’ve been hearing is that of Kogi but unless you come as I have come today, you will not know that Kogi flooding is a child’s play.

“We are going to make sure that the plight of these people displaced from their homes by this unfortunate flood which did not spare their farmlands and livestock are included in the next budget to help them come back to their normal life.”  For Dr. Obinna Uzoh, the entire episode remained a very unfortunate incident. The flood and other natural disasters, he said, have devastated the entire state. He enjoined residents of the affected areas to remain vigilant to forestall any loss of life and property. Uzoh described the recent development in the state as a clear sign that the state would soon be enveloped by famine.

According to him, “ the areas affected by the flood are the food basket of the state. For instance, the entire Ogbaru, Anambra East, West and Anyamelum have been the food hub of Anambra State and the flood has destroyed their farmlands, but we shall make sure we help them back to their best.” The philanthropist donated money and consumable items to the victims of the disaster.

He said he would return to access the level of damage and know the areas where they might need further assistance. Speaking to journalists after visiting some of the affected council areas that were affected by the flood, the leader of Anambra caucus in the National Assembly, Mrs. Uche Ekwunife said this year’s flood disaster affected so many communities in the state. Mrs. Ekwunife, who is also chairman, House of Representatives Committee on Environment, wept after visiting some of the communities in Anambra East and West, Ogbaru, Anyamelum and Awka North and South, describing the incident as unfortunate and painful.?

“The situation is unbearable, and as we watch our people and loved ones being displaced by this unfortunate flood, our hearts bleed and that is why we have come to personally access the situation and know the situation with a view to knowing how to help you bounce back to life and regain your homes.

“It is also most unfortunate that the worst hit of these natural disaster that has plagued us as a people is Ogbaru where every community was submerged by flood. We want to assure you that we are going to make a presentation in the National Assembly to how to help you,” she said.

Also speaking, the member representing Awka North and Awka South federal constituency, Mr. Emeke Nwogbo expressed sadness at the level of damage and the number of displaced persons at Awba Ofemili, Ugbenu, Achala and Ebenebe and said he would make sure the federal government comes to their aid. Nwogbo said some of the communities that were submerged by the flood would receive special assistance from the federal government through proper presentation.?Mr. Afam Ogene, representing Ogbaru federal constituency, also spoke on the condition of the people of Atani, Odekpe and other communities affected.


Ten Things You May Not Know About Tonto Dikeh

1- A native of Ikwere, Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Dikeh was born on June 9, 1985 and is a Petro-Chemical Engineering graduate of the Rivers State University of Science and Technology, Port Harcourt, Rivers-State.

2- Having lost her mother when she was just three years old she was raised by her step-mother and has seven siblings.

3- Dikeh began smoking at age of 13 and in May announced that she had quit smoking on Twitter claiming that the prayer of Pastor T.B Joshua through his Christian TV station, Emmanuel TV, healed her.

4- Her breakthrough role came in 2006 when she starred in the movie, Holy Cross. Although her second movie, it ensured that she became the sought-after actress at that time.

5- Her role in the 2010 soft bad movie, Dirty Secret, remains her most controversial till date as it contained a lot of uncensored unclad and sex scenes. She later starred in similar flicks like Dirty Deeds and Strippers in love.

6- In September 2011, Dikeh bought a jeep for her father, Chief Sunny Dikeh. According to her, her dad, who once campaigned to be the Governor in Rivers State under the All Nigerian Peoples Party was initially not in support of her acting career.

7- In October, 2011, the sassy actress got her 57th tattoo during a visit to the US.

8- In August, Tonto Dike and fellow actress, Rukky Sanda, made a joint donation of N1m to a cancer patient, Fummi Lawal. In the same month, she beat Ini Edo, and fellow nominee in the Best Actor of the Year category, at the Future Awards 2012 to win the coveted award.

9- In February 2011, she was alleged to be in a steamy relationship with Wizkid and reportedly bought him a Toyota Camry after he lost his cars to robbers. Both parties denied the allegations

10- November 2011, she featured on Kas’ single titled Iyawo Wind.

Mikel Obi Explains Why He Started A Record Labe

Apart from football, music is another thing I had passion for while I was growing up in Jos. I have so much emotional attachment to music. It lifts my soul and makes me happy. The arrival of MMM Records (Matured Money Minds) has gone a long way to show the deep love I have for music. I want to contribute my little quota to the growth of the music industry in Nigeria. I'm a good song writer and singer. If I wasn't a footballer, I would have done well as a singer or a disc jockey (DJ)' - Mikel Obi

26-Year-Old Man Jailed For Stealing Church Offering In Lagos.

When Onyeka Eze stormed God’s Pentecostal Mission aka GPM located in the highly density Iba, a suburb of Lagos penultimate Sunday just like every other worshipers, little did they know that he had an ulterior motive.

Propelled by villainous intent, after the service that night, the congregation dispatched only for Eze, 26, to return at the wee hour of the following morning and attempted to do away with the church’s property.

Nemesis caught up with the lad who hails from eastern part of the country when the noise of his action attracted the senior pastor’s attention. He came out of his office and saw Eze with some undisclosed amount and gas cylinders belonging to the church.

Narrating how Eze broke into the Holy House to the Ojo Magistrate court, the police in-charge of the case, Corporal Israel said:

“The convict on Monday, September 16, 2012 broke into the God’s Pentecostal Mission aka GPM, situated in Iba area of Lagos and was trying to elude with some church money and gas cylinders belonging to the church. It was end of the road for him when his movement woke the senior pastor who was sleeping in his office located within the church premises.

Apparently remorseful, the convict, who resides at Ijankin in Lagos admitted he was guilty of the charges against him with flimsy reasons after several denials.
His words: “I am guilty of the charges against me. It was the devil that pushed me into the act. I don’t have a job; I’m a conductor and needed some money for myself that was why I decided to go to the House of God. I’ve not stolen before, this is my first time and I promise never to do it again. I swear to God I will repent and I want the court to tamper justice with mercy’’ he pleaded.

The presiding Magistrate, T.O Shomade after several trial, sentenced the accused to six months imprisonment without option of fine. “This would serve as warning to other youths who hide under the influence of penury to commit crimes as such act contravenes the law’’ he said.

Enugu Poisoned Meat: 6 Dead, 60 Hospitalized

No fewer than six people have been reported dead and over 60 hospitalized in Amegu village, Ede-Oballa in Nsukka Local Government Area of Enugu State following an alleged poisoning of pork meat they took at a funeral ceremony.

According to reports from Ede-Oballa, more than 60 guests developed severe stomach problems after the funereal ceremony, prompting their immediate hospitalization. Investigation by Sunday Sun showed that all the popular hospitals in the university town of Nsukka including the Catholic Mission- owned Bishop Shanahan have been flooded with the victims who were said to be in critical conditions. A woman was said to be the first casualty of the meat poisoning followed by three girls while it was feared that two others who are not natives of the community also died.

It was gathered that a pig farmer who sold the infected animal to a woman (name withheld) who hosted the funeral, was in police net. Hospital sources expressed apprehension over the survival of the victims, saying they ought to have been rushed to the hospital same night. “In a situation like this, victims should be rushed to the hospital promptly for early stomach wash”, said a hospital source. The source however said frantic efforts are being made to save the lives of the victims Another reliable source suspected that guests at the funeral might have been served the meat of a dead pig injected by a veterinary doctor.

The source said the owner of the pig (name withheld) had lied to the woman that the pig fell into a ditch. Apparently due to the intimidating size of the pig and its relative cheapness, the woman quickly entered a bargain and bought the meat not knowing it was sick and had been treated recently by a veterinary doctor who also advised that in the event of its death, the animal should be buried. A source quoted the doctor who has been quizzed by the police as saying that he advised the pig farmer to bury the animal if it died within three weeks of the injection.

The tragic incident has caused tension in Nsukka zone where pigs are used at funeral ceremonies as an imperative and status symbol. It was gathered that since the incident, guests at burial ceremonies in the area have been avoiding pork. This has created problems for pig farmers who have lost patronage due to the tragedy.

Our reporter could not reach the veterinary doctor at the time of filing this report. A senior police officer attached to the Nsukka Urban Police Command said that some of the guests and the pig farmer were helping the police in their investigation.

Ten Steps Of LOVE: Does Your "BB" Get More Attention Than Your Partner Does


Have you always wondered what you would need to do to have a more intimate relationship? In this post, the Love Coach tells you what to do.
Does your Blackberry get more attention than your partner does? Ten Steps to a More Intimate Relationship are listed below:

1: Find Common Interests and Pursue Them Together
The seven-year itch, the witching hour when couples are said to lose interest in their relationship, isn’t necessarily a myth. Nip the boredom bug before it bites by sharing experiences together. What common interests do you have? These experiences not only increase your closeness because you’re actively engaging in an activity together but they also give you a shared history, and if you’re lucky a few inside jokes.

2: Laugh Together
Laughter is contagious, and when we hear it, our brain automatically wants to get in on the action. we naturally mimic the gestures and facial expressions of those we talk to, a trait that is now also thought to include laughing. We laugh when we hear a funny joke, when we play, when we’re tickled … but laughing isn’t just an indication we think something is funny. It’s also one of the ways we bond with other people. Laughter is universal and a social lubricant, so go ahead and see that new mr bean movie on date night — not only will your laughter boost your mood, but it just might boost your bonding.

3: Be Supportive
Physical and emotional support: Sharing and listening as well as hand holding and hugging.
Esteem: Offering self-esteem boosts and confidence
Informational: General advice-giving.
Tangible: Helping with additional responsibilities or problem solving
The trick is to supply the right kind and level of support as needed — and to watch out for too much informational support. No one likes to feel they’re being told what to do. Everyone has a different idea of the perfect amount — and type — of support. So, be sure to let your partner know what type and how much fits your bill — and listen to what he or she tells you about the support you provide

4: Accept Unconditionally
It’s easy to get into a relationship with the idea that you’ll be able to encourage your partner to change — just a little — to be closer to your ideal. But that idea isn’t usually realistic or very fair to you or your partner. On top of that, the little projects you have in mind, like getting your partner to get a haircut, become a fan of your favorite band or stop wearing those awful shirts, are an obstacle to intimacy.

Acceptance goes hand-in-hand with encouraging another person to share the most intimate details of his or her self: hopes, dreams, goals, feelings and personal history. Your partner needs to feel confident that you’ll accept and appreciate all those thoughts and feelings, not dismiss or make fun of them. And the same goes in reverse: Your partner should accept your thoughts and feelings, too.

Of course, there are times when change is necessary and important, like if you want to become thriftier so you can save up enough to buy a house, or if you or your partner’s habits are causing health problems. But even then, your work should be based on trust and acceptance rather than criticism and judgment.

5: Be Emotionally Available
When you aren’t emotionally available to your partner, you’re withholding the intimate details of your life: the very opposite of what you should be doing to build a more intimate connection. What comes along with that is a decreased feeling of appreciation and value — that specialness that comes along with an intimate relationship — on your partner’s behalf. After a while, that can have detrimental effects not only on emotional intimacy but also on sexual intimacy as well. Make it a priority to share the daily details of your life with your partner, such as what’s going on in your work life, as well as your secrets. Sharing the feelings and dreams that are unique to you shows your vulnerability as well as how much you trust your partner to accept the real you.

6: Pay Attention
Being emotionally, mentally or physically intimate with a partner begins with listening to what he or she is saying and paying attention to his or her actions. It sounds simple, but it’s not. To properly pay attention, you need to tune everything else out … from your work stress and to-do list to your thoughts about what you’d like for dinner. Tune out your personal immediate needs, and then listen.
Active listening means being attentive, not thinking about what you’d like to say next. Look your partner in the eye. Be silent while your partner is talking, and when you do speak, be courteous and reassuring.

7: Be Spiritual Together
Sharing your faith — either a specific religion or general feelings of spirituality — with another person opens life in not only a secular way but spiritually as well. A belief in a specific higher power isn’t a requirement: On its own, a shared life philosophy can help build a connection to something greater

8: Be Physically Affectionate
Being physically affectionate not only feels good, but it also triggers our bodies to increase the amount of oxytocin produced. Oxytocin is often affectionately knownas the “love hormone” because of that feel-good effect, but it also helps to promote a monogamous romantic relationship. And physical affection isn’t limited to sexual intercourse — even small gestures like holding hands or hugging count.

In addition to oxytocin, sex also increases the level of a specific neuropeptide — a molecule in the brain that helps regulate areas such as learning, memory and reward — called arginine vasopressin (AVP), which also facilitates bonding with your partner. Both substances play an important role not only in promoting intimacy between you and your partner but also in socialization skills.

9: Maintain Eye Contact
The eyes are the window to the soul — or is it that the eyes are the window to intimacy? When you gaze into the eyes of your partner from across the table, you’re doing more than just being attentive in the conversation: You’re being intimate.

Eye contact is a key component to how we socialize with other people, and it’s one of the most important pieces of creating an intimate relationship, romantic or otherwise. Known as the “anchoring gaze,” face-to-face, eye-to-eye communication is a subtle, non-verbal way of making yourself vulnerable to another person. Eye contact shows trust and emotional openness, and it also increases our feeling of being understood by another person.

10: Be Present When You’re with Your Partner
Using a cell phone while driving can be dangerous — but according to a study conducted at the University of Minnesota, it may also put your family relationships at risk Here’s why. Using your cell phone may seem like no big deal, but it can make you less available to your partner. When you’re multitasking — driving and talking on the phone, for example — you’re not focusing on the conversation and are unable to pick up on important social cues, which can lead to misunderstandings and a partner who is left feeling emotionally isolated and hurt. You’re not present with your partner. You’re dividing your time between the phone, the road and the conversation. To build and maintain intimacy, choose one thing at a time.

So, think about it. Does your Blackberry get more attention than your partner does? Do you reach for it despite the fact that you’re sharing a meal with your spouse or good friend? Do you bring your BlackBerry to bed? If so, you may find that unplugging gives you more attention to devote to your relationship.

PHOTOS: Baby Born With Double Face In China

The sight of people with deformities of any kind stirs up the soul especially when kids are involved. This is something never seen before in this part of our world except it hasn’t come to limelight – the image below is that of Kangkang, a boy born with a transverse facial cleft.

The condition makes him look like he is literally wearing a mask over his face – partly due to the massive cleft that extends almost all the way up to his ears.

Kangkang’s mother didn’t see him immediately at birth and broke into tears when she was finally allowed to behold her son following several pleas. The causative factor of this condition is unknown but it is believed to be caused by an infection, or even frequent drug use by the mother. According to one source, the only drugs the mother took while she was pregnant were anti-abortion drugs her doctor prescribed.

Though the treatment is expensive as Yi, Kangkang’s mother discovered after she took him to a hospital in Changsha – capital city of Hunan, in south-central China, the family has been able to gather enough money for his treatment.

Monday, 22 October 2012

Nollywood Stars Who Failed In Their Music Attemp

They are part of the movers and shakers of the motion picture industry, and their immense contribution to what is today celebrated as Nollywood cannot be underestimated. When they decided to spread their tentacles to the music industry, one would naturally hope that their ready-made fame in moviedom will pave the way, but surprisingly, their achievements as actors could not make the difference for them in the music industry.

She is one of the best and celebrated Nollywood diva. She is highly successful as an actress, but several attempts by the beautiful wife of pilot Mathew Ekeinde at music has been nothing to write home about, despite being an established celebrity. She was one of the thespians that tried their luck in music in 2005 after they were banned by the then Ejike Asiegbu led AGN regime. In that year, she released a single entitled Gba, and was followed by a video and album. But despite the massive hype, the album was indeed a failure. She has released another album and songs like Missing You and Feel Alright, but yet, she has made little or no impact in the music industry.
Genny, as she is fondly called, is the most celebrated Nollywood actress both in Nigeria and abroad. In 2005 after she was also suspended from acting, Genevieve also took a shot on music with the release of the song No More. She went on to get a mouthwatering recording deal in Ghana, but it wasn’t even enough to make her a force to reckon with in the music industry. She is one of those Nollywood stars who failed in their attempt at music.
Until early this year when she announced that she was now a born again Christian, Anita was hitherto referred to as a Nollywood bad girl. Though she was enmeshed in a lot of controversies, Anita has proved her mettle as one of the future talents in Nollywood. Between the years 2008/2009, she released a single and consequently performed in a couple of shows, including the News of The People Awards held at Sheraton Hotels, Lagos. Even at that, she is yet to make any spectacular statement as a singer. She dropped two new gospel singles, claiming that God directed her to do so during the fuel subsidy removal nationwide strike.

The list of wannabe Nollywood singers will not be complete without the name of controversial actor, Jim Iyke. The former Globacom ambassador also romanced music when he released the song, Who Am I, featuring one of Nigeria’s finest, Tuface Idibia. Jim, whose genre of music is rap, was actually keen on making a statement musically and he spent a fortune on radio and television hypes. Yet, his music career was short of being a success. The actor also did another entitled Born To Do This and featured Mike Word and Puffy T on it, but it did not make any good impact either.
6) NKEM OWOH (Osuofia):
Popularly referred to as Osuofia, Nkem Owoh is a highly successful actor. At a time, he was the highest paid Nollywood actor, raking millions from every script that comes his way, but when he decided to grab the microphone and consequently released the song, I Go Chop Your Dollar, it was not on a bed of roses. The audio and video of the song were banned on air due to its lyrical content. Osuofia went ahead to record another song, Olamma, but it was also short of being a success.

Though this naturally endowed actress has a sonorous voice, it was obviously not enough to give her a hit in the music industry. She has recorded a couple of songs and also shot videos, but they were not enough to guaranty her musical success. One of her songs is entitled Me and You.
4) JOHN OKAFOR (Mr Ibu):
Otherwise known as Mr. Ibu, John is a highly skilled and successful actor who has carved a niche for himself. Regarded as one of the most hilarious actors in Nigeria, Mr. Ibu has severally claimed that he has a good singing voice. He actually released an audio/video album some years back, but it cannot be regarded as a success. He had since stick to his original talent-acting.

She is an actress of note, but like her colleagues, Shan’s attempts at making hits through music have so far been futile. She has an album and has performed in a couple of gigs, including the annual Felabration. For obvious reasons, she is one of the movie stars who could not make impact as singers.
The half-caste actress, had also tried her hands in music, but she was quick enough to withdraw, perhaps after realising that it was a tough terrain for her. (Nollywood wannabe singers learn from her)
And our number 1 of course is no other person than the "Rave of the Moment": Tonto Dikeh. The recent release of her two new singles have been met with so much hate and rejection. Recently, a Nollywood producer refered to her attempt at singing as a TERRIBLE TREMELO

Ever since she released her singles "Hi"and "Itz Over" Fans home and abroad have made it clear that they don't seem to accept her detour into Music. They practically pulled out all stops just to show their Displeasure.