Friday, 30 November 2012

Bandits Attack Three Banks In Auchi, Edo State With Heavy Weapons Days Ago

BENIN CITY— DARE-devil armed bandits took over Auchi town in Edo State, Monday, robbing banks, after using bombs and dynamites to blow up the banks.

It was gathered that the robbers invaded the town with sophisticated weapons and blocked all exit points before launching the attack on the banks.

Three new generation banks on Poly Road and a first generation bank at Igbe Road were said to have been attacked by the robbers.

An eyewitness told Vanguard, that security operatives, including members of the Joint Military Task Force, were overwhelmed.

Vanguard learnt that soldiers attached to Army School of Electrical Engineering in Auchi, were unable to move against the robbers because they had no orders to do so.

A student of Auchi Polytechnic, who spoke to Vanguard, said: “They are still shooting every where and the bombs are shaking the houses and roofs. Some roofs have been blown off and no body knows what is happening outside for now because every body has run inside their houses. The entire place is like ghost town now.”

Edo North Area Commander of the police, Mr. David Jimwan, could not confirm the news that a police station was bombed, saying “we cannot tell the situation now until things settled down.

At press time, the robbers were still operating with no resistance from the police. Security doors of the banks and ATM machines were not spared during the attack as they were destroyed by explosives.

Residents of the area ran for their lives on hearing the explosions. No death was recorded so far, but the robbers had a field day as they were not challenged by security operatives, who were no where to be found.

When contacted, Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Mr Anthony Arhuoyo, did not pick his call.


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