Friday, 9 November 2012

Gay Marriage And Marijuana Are Now Legal In U.S.A

Voters in Washington have approved gay marriage, joining Maine and Maryland as the first states to pass same-sex marriage through popular vote.
Six other states -- New York, Connecticut, Iowa, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont -- and the District of Columbia already allow gay marriage. But Maryland, Maine and Washington are the first to enact it by public vote.

With huge financial supports from Microsoft CEO Bill Gates it raised $12 million for the support.
Gay couples in Washington could start picking up their marriage certificates and licenses from county auditor offices Dec. 6, a day after the election is certified.
The law doesn't require religious organizations or churches to perform marriages, and it doesn't subject churches to penalties if they don't marry gay or lesbian couples.

Washington's measure establishes a system of state-licensed marijuana growers, processors and stores, where adults can buy up to an ounce. It also establishes a standard blood test limit for driving under the influence.

"Marijuana policy reform remains an issue where the people lead and the politicians follow," said Ethan Nadelmann of the Drug Policy Alliance, which opposes the co-called "war on drugs." ''But Washington state shows that many politicians are beginning to catch up."

Estimates show pot taxes could bring in hundreds of millions of dollars a year, but the sales won't start until state officials make rules to govern the legal weed industry.

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