Friday, 2 November 2012

Guys: Which One Of These Girls Are You Familiar With?


1. HARD DISK GIRLS: Remembers everything for ever, they'll always come back for good time.

2. RAM GIRLS: Forgets about you the moment you turn her off or an upgrading version of your hardware/ software is available.
3. SCREEN SAVER GIRLS: Just for looking, beautiful but don't even think of dating them, you'll have high blood pressure, not their fault but it's due to popular demand.

4. INTERNET GIRLS: Difficult to access because of many pages involves to browse. At times the webpages are not accessible due to multiple log in over different I.P address.

5. SERVER GIRLS: Always busy when needed but server is always green.

6. MULTIMEDIA GIRLS: They are always available for any show down, party riders, all night movers, their phone works better than MTN customers service, taxi is their favorite car and love to take pictures at every hotel rooms and call it home.

7. VIRUS GIRLS: These type of girls are normally called "WIFE" once entered in your system,they will spread and overwrite your anti-virus and dominate all your important files, they will download files that are not retrievable and upgrade it to a new version after nine months and creating more applications for you to start working with such as changing your system name to ''father'', the VIRUS GIRLS comes in just two versions, either to upgrade or downgrade, choose wisely when choosing this software,they don't leave even after formatting.

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