Sunday, 18 November 2012

PHOTOS: Fans Absent At Keri Hilson’s Show, Scantily Attended, Major Flop

When I heard about Keri Hilson arriving Abuja for the face of Sofa Lounge show, I was surprised because I felt there wasn’t enough hype and publicity. However thinking more about it, I pushed the thoughts aside, concluding that there might have been, but I missed it.

Unfortunately, people present at the show which took place at the International Conference Center, report that it was an outright flop scantily attended, and sent me pictures showing how empty the hall was.

Whereas, early this month the Minister said, About Half of Abuja Households Earn Less than N30, 000 per Month.

Kinda Speechless.

Normal ticket for the show cost: N7500, VIP: N20,000, VVIP: N500,000.

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