Friday, 9 November 2012

“Some Members Of Nollywood Are Diabolic, I Won’t Get Too Involved” – Mr. Ibu

Mr Ibu is a popular face in Nollywood. The lanky born dude is a comedian, actor and a compere. For those who have known him over the years, they say John will never go near anything fetish or diabolical in nature, this, account to our research, might have led to him not involving himself in any selective or elective position like his colleagues.

Recently, Mr. Ibu confessed that, he’s not been involved in Actors Guild’s activities simply because some of the members of the association are diabolically inclined and he won’t, for posterity sake, put himself in such a place.

“Some of the members are diabolic; that is why I’m not fully involved. I’m not interested in anything involving fetish practices.

So a movie industry that is supposed to serve as an entertainment avenue for ardent fans, does the behind the scenes fetish and old undercut ways do any good?”

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