Sunday, 11 November 2012

Types Of Friends You Must Meet – By Kenny Badmus

Types Of Friends You Must Meet   By Kenny Badmus
Really lovely piece by Kenny Badmus, the Chief Imagination Officer of Orange Academy: I had a fantastic talk with my colleagues this morning about Friendship. We narrowed down to a Yoruba adage that says ‘friends are clothes that you wear, they cover you up.’ Then, we began to look into types of clothes we wear as Nigerians.
The Damask friends are very very occasional friends you keep for that very very special event you need to show off. You need them once in a blue moon when you need to prove to others that you know such people. These are names you drop and are so important you pass them down to your children. Some people never have them in a lifetime. Then, there are Lace friends. Your lace friends are for trends.
They don’t last. You keep them and change them when a new trend comes. They are full of holes. Nothing deep. For instance, they are the friends you keep when in transitions. New jobs. New homes etc. Enjoy them while they last. Then, you have the Guinea brocade friends. Hmmmm. These ones are the friends that are just fashionable to have but you need to starch them to keep going. In other words, you need to fund the friendship or they lose their relevance. When you have money, they are around you, well starched and ironed to keep you going.
Finally, our favorite. The Ankara friends. The Ankara friends are the friends you don’t need to keep up appearances with or for. They cover you when you are down to your last dime. No pretense. You can even wear them to sleep. And that’s not all, you can wear them to just about occasion. They are always in fashion if you wear them well. The only worry with them is that they easily fade if you wear them for so long. To appreciate them, wear them not too often. So, which of these friend would you rather keep? A Damask, a Lace, a Guinea or an Ankara?

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