Friday, 9 November 2012

VIDEO: 2 Man and 2 Woman burnt to death by mob Accused of witchcraft

This Wickedness has to stop. These extrajudicail killings must end.

Say NO to More Jungle Justice!!!!The sad thing is that these kinds of Mob killings happen all the time in Africa. Angry mob taking justice into their own hands and killing people without judicial process. We saw what happened in Aluu. Now this again? The location of this gross tragedy has not been verified yet. The reason we are posting this video is to publicize their wickedness so that justice can be done and the perps exposed. They were reportedly burnt to death because they suspected they were witches and wizards

Warning!!! The video you are about to watch is wickedness in its extreme and it is very graphic

WATCH VIDEO Below (Warning Very Very Graphic)

Click Download to download video : Witchcraft: Video of 2 men And 2 women burnt to death

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