Monday, 3 December 2012

Someone Needs Your Advice (Must Read For Parents)

Someone Needs Your Advice (Must Read For Parents)
I’m a lady of 25, I’m presently staying with my Big anty in abuja nigeria, my anty works with one of d ministries, she stays alone in abuja while her husband and 4 kids resides in lagos. Her last daughter just finished secondary school, 16years old, and she came to join us in abuja recently, pending d time she’ll gain admission.
Meanwhile she normally go to my antys shop to sell till around 8pm b4 comin home. She has never used a phone b4, anty decided to get her one, I told my anty to get her a small one, dat doesn’t browse, but my cousin one way or d other fingered her mums brain and she got her one of dis big nokia phones dat browse.
To cut d story short, dis girl will be on 2go for hours,without goin to bed. We sleep in same room. So last week my anty traveled to lag 4 an official assignment, dat will take her 2 weeks, I noticed dis girl was having serious itching in her private part, I asked her she told me its been disturbing her 4 long, she dosnt know what’s wrong with her, I caled anty to inform her I’ll be taking her to hospital dis morning, 4 proper treatment.
last night while she was chating on 2go, she slept off while d beep kept comin in and it was disturbing my sleep, I decided to check one of her chats with a guy, I was shocked to see d conversation. She told d guy she was not a virgin, she has slept with 3guys, describing how she’d like to be fucked. With or without condom blablabla. I’m so confused right now.
My question is this, the disease she has, which I tot was toilet disease, could it be from a guy, cos we use same toilet, and nothing is wrong with me, then how do I advice her, cos she has gone far more than me, I’m d only daughter in my family, I have neva had a sis. should I tell my aunty what her daughter is doing?

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