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PHOTOS: Meet Woman With The Longest Hair

Dai Yue Qin, betterknown as Miss Dyq, is the Queen of long hair in China.
 Born in April 1964 in Tong Xiang (Zhejiang province, South China), she began to grow long hair at about 14. Everybody admired her two long and thick black shiny braids so she decided to cut it off never. 
After graduation she worked in a carpet factory in Suzhou for 10 years, then returned to her hometown and worked at a big hotel. As her hair-length of 3,30 meters raised more and more attraction she joined several long hair competitions and has won prizes till now.
 In 2001 she moved to the U.S. where her friend lives.
 In 2005 she visited her family and friends in China and again attended some contests and long hair shows. It takes her about 1 to 2 hours to comb her tresses which are 420 cm in length now (almost 14 feet!). The washing of that shiny flood of hair needs 5 to 6 hours every two weeks.

PHOTO: 10-Year-Old Girl Gives Birth To Baby Boy

A 10-year-old Mexican girl has given birth to a baby boy after a 31-week pregnancy, according to reports.

The premature infant, which weighed 3.3 pounds, was born by Caesarian section at the Women’s Hospital in the city of Puebla and is in the intensive care unit recovering from pneumonia.

The young mother, who is from the nearby San Francisco Totimehuacan community, has returned home after the procedure but visits the baby every day to breastfeed, officials said.

The Puebla state Attorney General’s Office is now investigating whether the girl could have been Molested and who the father is, the hospital’s director Rogelio Gonzalez said, according to UpFrontNewswire.
Mexican state laws say young moms are unable to have abortions unless a girl can prove she was the victim of intimate assault.

The state’s minimum age of consent is 12 and women who undergo abortions in Puebla face a fine or prison sentence if they are unable to prove they were sexually abused.

The laws are currently under review.

The girl, who has not been named, arrived at the medical facility on Oct. 22, suffering from life-threatening complications, including seizures.

Hospital officials said the newborn is in a good condition considering his premature birth and the mother is recovering well.

This is not the first case of a shockingly young girl giving birth in Mexico.

In August last year, 11-year-old Amalia had a child two weeks premature after she was denied an abortion by the local Justice Department during the fourth month of pregnancy.

She was Molested repeatedly by her stepfather when she was 10 years old, but local laws do not allow terminations after three months

Source: NY Daily News


This happened during a soccer match in South Africa
I wonder if she “scored” that night. More photos after the jump

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Rihanna Flaunts Her Flat Bum For Magazine Cover

Her face and figure have graced the covers of Vogue, Rolling Stone, and countless fashion magazines. But Rihanna was still excited to shoot her latest glossy mag cover Sunday, tweeting five scantily clad shots of herself on the Los Angeles set.
‘Got my hurr pinned up, chiefin, chillin’ behind the scenes of a new mag cover shoot! Stay tuned #2013,’ the The Diamonds hitmaker tweeted to her 27.9 million followers.
The Barbadian beauty, who turns 25 next month, made sure to flaunt her pert derriere in a white bodysuit. In another shot, Rihanna looks tired as she sports a face full of make-up and fake lashes as her cascading weave is piled on top of her head.
And the three final snaps were taken while in a moving jeep as Rihanna pulled faces and showed off her cleavage in a tiny black top.
Non-stop glamour: The Barbadian beauty, who turns 25 next month, looks tired as she sports a face full of make-up and fake lashes as her cascading weave is piled on top of her head
On Thursday, the We Found Love singer hit the studio with her on/off boyfriend Chris Brown. The duet is set to be the couple’s fourth musical collaboration after Nobodies Business and remixes for Birthday Cake and Turn Up The Music. Rihanna and Breezy partied at Emerson nightclub together Friday night and then had a sleepover, which the pop star captured on her Instagram.
Although it’s yet to be seen on whose album their new collaboration will feature on, Rihanna is keen to let the world know wants Brown back in her life. The Talk That Talk singer posted the artwork for her new single Stay on Instagram which shows her snuggling into a heavily tattooed man’s neck, and while blurry, the tattoos looks to be Chris. The single Stay – which is a collaboration with Mikky Ekko – is believed to be about Rihanna’s inability to stop loving Brown.
Fourth duet: Although it’s yet to be seen on whose album their new collaboration will feature on, Rihanna is keen to let the world know wants Brown back in her life.
‘Not really sure how to feel about it, Something in the way you move, Makes me feel like I can’t live without you,’ Rihanna sings on the track. ‘Funny you’re the broken one but I’m the only one who needed saving.’ However the hot-tempered 23-year-old, who brutally assaulted Rihanna four years ago, was photographed with a visibly intoxicated blonde on his lap Saturday evening.
Rihanna will next be seen performing alongside Taylor Swift and The Black Keys at the Grammy Awards February 10. And while her single Where Have You Been is up for best pop solo performance, Rihanna’s role in Battleship earned her a nomination for worst supporting actress at the Razzies.

Mapouka Naija: See How Well This Igbo Girl Can Wind Her Waist

Why Should a Married Woman Dress this Badly?

I wonder what a women of over 40 years of age is looking for dressing and taking pictures in such outfit. Na wa o!

Btw, I hear that her marriage to Dr Duro Soleye has collapsed irreconcilably. And the reasons people are giving for the crash of Nike Oshinowo's marriage is not a good one.

Friends of Dr. Soleye, according to sources, said infidelity on the part of the twosome was the major issue that crashed the marriage along other factors.

Anyone really surprised about this?
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Photos Of Nollywood Superstar, Jim Iyke's ABS Plus Six Packs

Something for the ladies, this somehow gives me the creeps or is it just me?

Photo: Why I Maltreated My Son – Prophet

cleric, Prophet Elikanah Ajibade, who was charged to court on Tuesday and was remanded in prison, for alleged physical abuse of his son for attending a church service against his instruction, has denied reports that he asked the boy to roll on hot coal ashes.The boy who is now in the care of JWC staff, reportedly left home for the new year eve service on Monday, December 31, 2012, in a church which was not his father’s. The father, a Cherubim and Seraphim prophet at Okinni, a town in Egbedore Local Government area of Osun State, had earlier told his son who is his late wife’s third son not to go to any other church for the service to usher in a new year.
It was gathered that Prophet Ajibade, in annoyance, went to the church, rudely interrupted the service and brought David out, lashing him with strokes of cane. Despite efforts and pleas by members of the church, Salvation Army Church, Okinni, to rescue the hapless boy,  the father continued his lashing.
Narrating his ordeal, David disclosed that his maltreatment in the hands of his father, stepmother and stepbrother, began with the demise of his biological mother. “When we got home, my dad, his wife and her son descended on me. They tied my hands with a rope and started beating me mercilessly”.
With tears streaming down his cheeks, David Ajibade said, “after beating me, my stepmother locked my me and my father inside and took the key away. Then my dad continued to beat me and when he was tired, he ordered that I should be rolling on hot ashes”.
But Prophet Ajibade would justify his inhuman treatment of his own son claiming he was fond of running away from home for years. He said, “he used to run away for weeks and would come back himself.On his last deed which got me angry, he ran away for one week”.
informationng.com gathered that the father had never reported his son as missing to the police thus rendering his excuse untenable. The father further stated that he decided to punish the boy because of the tension and anxiety he went through and the problems he encountered while looking for the boy but denied his son’s claim that he asked him to roll on hot ashes.
Confirming the arraignment in court, the Police Public Relations Officer in Osun State, Mrs Folasade Odoro, said that the operatives of JWC were administering proper care and medical treatment on the boy in their custody.

I am so much addicted to Séx' -Lady Seeks help

I am a 22 years girl in a local polytechnic.
I am so much addicted to séx
that I can sleep with more than 6
men in a day.
The problem is that, my parents
had heard about my behaviour and
Since last week they have been
monitoring my movements.
Now I am really disturbed
because I feel that i'm lacking
I have my young brother of
17 years who is ready to help me.
Should I allow him to taste my
Because I think that is the only option.

Please Advice me.

Picture of Female supporter who strípped Unclád and protested against US convoy over sanctions

A Zanu PF supporter has strípped down to her knickers and confronted the US envoy to Zimbabwe as he was about to address a meeting with residents in Mutare.

The woman was part of a group of rowdy supporters who prevented the United States ambassador Bruce Wharton from addressing the meeting. Wharton was set to deliver remarks in the city when he was blocked by supporters of Mugabe's ZANU-PF party, including war veterans.

"The demonstrators prevented him from giving his remarks. He is very disappointed about it because he is very keen to listen to people's views, even critics of the United States policy," said Sharon Hudson-Dean of the US embassy in Harare.

Mugabe's supporters sang songs denouncing the US for imposing sanctions on the veteran leader and his associates. Hudson-Dean said the recently appointed Wharton was on a "listening tour" in Mutare at the time.

In a tweet, the US embassy said "President Mugabe encouraged Amb @BruceWharton to travel widely and talk to #Zimbabweans. Sad that he was prevented from doing this today"

"While the U.S. values the right to peaceful protest, and notes it as a critical element of democracy, we regret that the roughly 130 protestors were not interested in a conversation. Ambassador Wharton spent about 15-20 minutes listening to their messages – written on placards and verbal – but was met with no opportunity for constructive conversation. The U.S. Ambassador recognises the critical need to work together to build a way forward but believes that this must begin with a respectful sharing of ideas," the embassy said in a statement.

The demonstrators were waving placards, some of them inscribed "We say no to illegal sanctions", "Zidera killed companies like Cairns, Zimboard, Karina, NRZ", "Zidera The Weapon of Regime Change", and "Zimbabwe Will Never Be A Colony Again", among other placards.

Before being confronted by the angry residents, Mr Wharton had a closed-door meeting with the city fathers at the Civic Centre in the morning.

Mistress Strangles Lover's 4 Children

In what sounds like a movie tale, A woman in Obuno Umuochefu, Igbo-Ukwu in Aguata Local Government Area of Anambra state has snuffed life out of four children of her boyfriend by strangling them. Not done with her bestial mission, the suspect sat back at the scene of the crime until her victims’ parents returned, and attacked their mother. 

For Mr and Mrs Nwanneka Ogechukwu Okonkwo, both natives of Ekwulumili in Nnewi South Local Government Area but resident in Igbo-Ukwu, January 15, 2013, came like any other day. But the young couple who are each 28 years old, never knew that it was the day their four children, Chukwuebuka, (13), Chukwumelum (6) Obumneme (3) and 15-month-old Chinenyenwa would breathe their last. 

The young couple had no premonition of the tragedy that shocked everybody in the community. Their three sons and a daughter were allegedly killed by a lady simply identified as Blessing, from Abakiliki in Ebonyi State. Narrating the tragic incident, the mother of the dead children who spoke with Sunday Sun at Ekwulumili Health Centre where she was recuperating from the shock, said that she was also attacked by the suspect. Mrs Okonkwo said that the eldest of her children, Chukwuebuka, was the first casualty. 

According to her, the suspect allegedly hit him on his forehead with a hard object and dumped the lifeless body inside an underground tank in the compound before strangling his siblings one after the other. “I was to go for a burial ceremony with my husband at Ukpor on that fateful day and the children went to school. We initially left with the youngest one, Chinenyenwa but the vehicle we boarded was jam-packed with passengers and the baby started crying. Consequently, my husband said we should disembark and use our motorcycle but people around said the road was too dusty to ride with a baby on a bike. 

I decided to go home and wait for our other children who went to school so that they would take care of the baby and enable my husband and I to make the trip with our motorcycle. “But long after school hours, the children didn’t come home. We went to the school and other pupils told us that our children had gone home. I looked for them along the roads they usually take to the house but I did not see them. 

Thereafter, I urged my husband to go on his own and look for them, but he returned soon after, saying he had seen them coming home. Before my husband and I left for the burial, I gave them food and told them to go and stay with an old woman in the neighbourhood because we are the only occupants of that building, and I don’t like them staying alone in the compound. “We had stayed barely one hour at the burial ceremony when my husband said we should go home. 

But before we left, my husband’s phone rang and I heard him say, ‘I’m in a burial’. So, as we got close to our home, his phone rang again and he told the caller that we were not back yet. I didn’t ask him who the caller was as we rode straight to the house. 

“When we got to the elderly neighbour’s house, we were told that she had gone for prayers and that my children were not seen there. We got to the house and I opened the gate from behind believing that the children were inside the house. As we parked our motorcycle inside the compound, my husband pointed to the underground tank that was open. I became apprehensive because we don’t keep it open. But I said maybe the eldestmight have drawn water from the well and had forgotten to close it. 

I called Ebuka but there was no response. I ran into the sitting room and saw the three younger ones lying on the floor as if they were asleep. I ran out again believing that those three were sleeping. I continued to call Ebuka and looked into the tank and I didn’t see anything. “Later, I decided to wake up Ebuka’s immediate younger brother to ascertain the whereabouts of his brother. I called him but he didn’t wake up; I tried to rouse him but he was motionless and so were the other two. I cried to my husband that the children were dead and I concluded that since the three were dead, Ebuka might be inside the well. 

There were marks of human nails on their necks that showed that they were strangled. One of them had faeces in his anus. “It was when my husband started crying and moved towards our bedroom, that the lady (suspect) emerged from the bedroom and asked him why he was shouting. Then, I advanced towards her and demanded from her, where she kept Ebuka’s body because I had seen the others she killed. I held her and she gripped me. When I freed myself from her grip, I rushed to lock one of the two gates and raised the alarm until neighbours came. 

“Later, somebody rushed out and called the youths of the community before the local vigilante and policemen arrived. She was arrested along with my husband.” Sources told Sunday Sun that the timely arrival of the police and the local vigilante saved the suspect from being lynched. It was also gathered that Mr Okonkwo, a furniture maker, had been dating the suspect, a relationship his wife confirmed, and had been battling to stop. 

When contacted, the couple’s landlord, Mr Sunday, who lives outside the community, described the alleged killing of the innocent children as unfortunate and declined further comment. The Police Public Relations officer (PPRO) in Anambra State, Mr Emeka Chukwuemeka, confirmed the incident and said the matter was being handled by the State Criminal Investigation Department in Awka, the state capital

Students filmed having public séx at ‘safe séx ball’ give disturbing insight into university culture

Up for the night: Participants of the 2012 Safer Sex Ball at Exeter University (note: none are directly connected with the CCTV footage)
Eye-opening: Exeter University has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently
The invitation left little to the imagination: the silhouette of a naked woman in stilettoes with horns and a whip, posing in a seated position like Sharon Stone in that now infamous moment from the film, Basic Instinct.
Caught out: The University of Exeter's Safer Sex Ball saw one couple caught in the act on CCTV
The scene inside the University of Exeter’s Great Hall, setting for the annual Safer Séx Ball last month, was as decadent as the publicity material which advertised it.
Promotion: Condoms were handed out to scantily-clad men and women at the ball - but was that the right idea?
Each guest — girls mostly dressed in lingerie, boys in their underpants — was given a condom when they arrived. (The pretext of the bash was to raise awareness of Aids). Many attending also brought their own contraceptive supplies.
Up for the night: Participants of the 2012 Safer Sex Ball at Exeter University (note: none are directly connected with the CCTV footage)
One of the rooms in the main campus building was turned into a mini-casino for the night. Another featured a burlesque act called ‘Kinky and Quirky . . . the best “Tease” in Devon’.
‘The atmosphere in the Great Hall wasn’t fantastic, but it was quite different in the other rooms,’ a 21-year-old student revealed. ‘To be honest, it was like going to any other university ball, except that everyone was in their underwear rather than a dress.’
The university authorities, though, could never have imagined the event, as risqué as it was, would prove to be even more controversial than previous balls held in the name of so-called séx education.
The last one in 2011 attracted widespread criticism for using promotional leaflets containing a ‘joke’ about the number of calories a man could burn off by stripping a girl naked without her consent. On another recent occasion, a scantily-clad reveller was filmed gyrating while holding a sign which said: ‘No 1 Sh**.’
But the college top brass were in for a surprise.
For it emerged this week that shortly before 1.50am on December 11, as the raucous party neared its end, a couple sloped off to the bar, where they ended up in a darkened and deserted corner next to a pool table. The two soon lost all inhibitions. They didn’t know — or probably didn’t care by that stage — that a CCTV camera was trained on them.
Eye-opening: Exeter University has been in the news for all the wrong reasons recently

Not so very long ago, what happened between them, however reckless or foolhardy, would have remained private, or at least as private as it is possible to be when you are having séx in a bar.
Instead, the whole world has been able to witness their steamy encounter. Footage from the security eye on the wall, it transpires, was recorded on to a mobile phone and sent to fellow students when they returned from their Christmas break.
Last night it emerged that two members of staff who had worked for the Students’ Guild were responsible for filming the footage from the CCTV camera.
Since then, the four-minute clip has been viewed not only by thousands of young people with smartphones in and outside Exeter University; it has also gone viral on the internet and caused something of a media storm.
Today, there is really only one topic of conversation on campus: who are the unidentified couple?
She is in a negligee; he wears shorts, cape and headband. Their faces have not been pixelated.
The fallout has been devastating, not just for the embarrassed duo, but for others who have also been dragged into the scandal. One student in particular has been the subject of hurtful rumours and gossip. She vehemently insists she is not the girl in the video, saying she has a boyfriend and did not even attend the Safer Séx Ball. Her account is supported by a tweet she sent after the raucous extravaganza in which she reveals she is ‘at home’ (away from Exeter) and another later when she tweets she is ‘on train back to Exeter’.
Even so, her reputation has been traduced. And the furore shows no sign of abating.
The revolution in social media appears to not only mirror the culture of voyeurism and exhibitionism that seems so prevalent — especially among the young — but to encourage and fuel it
The Athletics Union, the governing body of sports societies at Exeter, is understood to be ‘scrutinising’ claims a female footballer was the young women caught in flagrante. The club categorically denies that any of its players were involved.
The incident is still among the ‘most read’ items on The Tab, an online tabloid newspaper for the University of Exeter (11 other universities, including Cambridge, Leeds and Durham, have their own version of the site). It ran a poll asking students whether the footage should be posted on its website.
An overwhelming 83 per cent (947) voted Yes, which, in its own way, tells us as much about the society we now live in as the events that unfolded that night.
A decision was eventually taken not to publish the material following legal advice. The Tab was told it could have been in breach of data protection and human rights legislation if it had. Not that this will be any consolation to the frisky couple whose humiliation is already complete.
Before smart phones, instant messaging, Facebook, and Twitter, you would probably not have read about them at all. But the revolution in social media appears to not only mirror the culture of voyeurism and exhibitionism that seems so prevalent — especially among the young — but to encourage and fuel it.
Exeter, it should be pointed out, is a member of the Russell Group of leading universities and was recently named University Of The Year in the Sunday Times University Guide.
Few would think so if they read The Tab — ‘a newspaper for students, not a student newspaper’.
Much of its website features both male and female students without clothes on.
Caught out: The University of Exeter’s Safer Séx Ball saw one couple caught in the act on CCTV
Parents about to pay the £9,000-a-year tuition fees for their sons and daughters to study at Exeter should perhaps turn away at this point or pour themselves a stiff drink.
One of the stories on The Tab website concerns the phenomenon of ‘spotting’, which involves taking (usually inappropriate) photographs of yourself or friends in public places and posting them on the internet. In this case, a male student is pictured (or ‘spotted’) sitting at a library computer screen with his trousers pulled down and his ‘family jewels’ exposed (to use The Tab’s description).
Not to be outdone, female students have taken explicit images of themselves and uploaded them on to Facebook. Some are naked from the waist up, their modesty barely protected by a bar bearing the words ‘Original Sin’, the name of the London-based events company that organises themed student parties at Exeter nightclubs. One such night last term was called ‘F*** Me I’m Fresh’ [as in fresher]. A second, a few weeks ago, was entitled ‘F*** Me It’s Xmas.’
So far, so squalid. But it would be unfair to assume Exeter University is in any way out-of-the-ordinary when one looks at student behaviour at seats of learning across the country.
The proof, if any is needed, can be found on the Confessions Of A Uni Student website, founded in September last year, as a vehicle for students around Britain to reveal their most intimate secrets.
Many may wonder why anyone would want to contribute to such a site, even anonymously. But, then, why would you post lewd pictures of yourself on Facebook or ‘vote’ in favour of putting footage of a couple caught having séx on CCTV on the internet just for the fun of it?
Exeter has a good academic track record, after all, as well as excellent facilities, and is in a beautiful part of the country where wealthy families live or have second homes
Nevertheless, Confessions Of A Uni Student has been flooded with postings from virtually every university in Britain: Edinburgh, Loughborough, the London School of Economics, Brunel, Bristol, Brighton, Nottingham and Manchester, to name but a few.
The vast majority of these ‘confessions’, which reveal details about everything from oral séx to one-night stands, cannot be repeated in a family newspaper even with a liberal sprinkling of asterisks. The website has received more than 226,000 ‘likes’ and rising, meaning those who have read the content approve and have clicked the ‘thumbs-up’ icon.
One ‘confession’ is from a student from Swansea University who reveals how he was kicked out of the home of his girlfriend’s parents after her father accidentally stumbled across pictures of their X-rated bedroom games on her mobile phone. Did he feel any shame or embarrassment? Apparently not.
‘I wish I could have seen her dad’s face when he looked down to see his only daughter, naked and staring back at him, with me giving a thumbs up to the camera.’
Back in Exeter, some of the lewd behaviour has been blamed, rightly or wrongly, on the ‘public school crowd’. Many Old Etonians and their contemporaries from other top public schools like Marlborough traditionally choose Exeter if they cannot get into Oxford or Cambridge (Peter and Zara Phillips are graduates).
Exeter has a good academic track record, after all, as well as excellent facilities, and is in a beautiful part of the country where wealthy families live or have second homes. It’s no coincidence that, at one time, more students at Exeter were said to own their own cars than at almost any other university in the country.
‘Their uniform is Jack Wills and Abercrombie and Fitch [so called ‘preppy’ clothes brands] or trainers and parka jackets,’ one 20-year-old female student told us this week. ‘They stand out a mile even when they are trying to look more ordinary. They have all got the obligatory signet ring on their little finger.
Promotion: Condoms were handed out to scantily-clad men and women at the ball – but was that the right idea?
‘I think the problem is that some of them have got more money than sense and party hard, which they seem very proud of. Some of them have been so heavily spoonfed that they can’t think for themselves. I think they go off the rails a bit here because no one is telling them what to do, where they should be and when.’
It is a story we heard from a string of sources at Exeter. The behaviour of a section of the male student population at Exeter has resulted in what one female undergraduate described as a ‘testosterone-fuelled’ atmosphere.
There were two allegations of séxual harassment made by female students in the 2011/12 academic year and five the previous year.
But séxist behaviour, we have been told, is commonplace. ‘Hi, slut’ has become an all too familiar way of addressing women undergraduates.
‘I have run into boys, particularly from the sports societies, on nights out who refer to you as a “slag” or “slut” and think its funny,’ says a second-year student. ‘They say it’s just banter, but it’s demeaning.
‘If you take them on about it, then they say you’re uptight, a prude or a lesbian. Sometimes I think we have gone backwards not forwards.’
Such attitudes can never be justified. But the behaviour of some women at Exeter, as we have already seen, has not helped. This is something which has been highlighted by the university’s award-winning newspaper, the fortnightly Exeposé.
One recent report was prompted by the growing number of girls posting compromising pictures of themselves on the internet, particularly on the Facebook page of event-organisers Original Sin.
Action: It is believed the Guild are investigating the release of the CCTV video that apparently showed one couple having séx in a bar
‘Substantial concerns have been expressed regarding the way in which some women in particular have been presented and placed in a number of the images with some students claiming the shots condone the objectification of women,’ the paper said.
The Original Sin Facebook page featured many photographs of semi-naked students cavorting for the camera. Some were engaged in apparently drunken deep kissing while others were snapped having booze poured down their throats from bottles high above their heads by pals. Other photographs featured trays of glasses filled with red alcopops. Others showed bottles of booze next to boxes of condoms.
Yesterday, Tom Wye, Original Sin director, said: ‘In some circumstances, some people will go further than others to be noticed. At no point are people encouraged to do anything they’re uncomfortable with, or that may upset others.’
There are now signs that the university authorities are cracking down on some of the more outrageous behaviour, at least on campus. ‘Employers now scan social networking sites and will take a view on people’s professionalism based on what they read,’ the university management warned.
The couple caught on CCTV at the most recent Safer Séx Ball (and indeed the people responsible for circulating the footage) will now be hoping that there are no further revelations — such as their names becoming public.
But given the ubiquity of social media nowadays, there’s no guarantee of that.

Sadistic: 3 men rape pregnant woman to punish her husband for playing “offensive” sermon

The Kebbi State Police have arrested three men after they allegedly raped a pregnant housewife to punish her husband, who they claimed listened to an “offensive” Islamic sermon.
Yusuf Ahmed, Muazu Mohammed and Bawa Ibrahim allegedly committed the crime in Ula-Ira town in the Ngaski Local Government Area of the state.
According to reports, Alhaji Garba Saleh, Deputy Commissioner of Police in Birnin Kebbi said that they were all charged to a Magistrates’ Court for theft, criminal intimidation, rape and criminal trespass.
In a self-confession, the rapists said they wanted to teach her husband a lesson. Saleh said the victim was raped over an offence ostensibly committed by her husband, stressing that she identified the rapists.
Saleh said that one Bawa Ibrahim had complained to the district head of the area about the “offensive” sermon of Malam Maiguduma, played by Muhammad Dantillo, the husband of the victim.
The accused felt offended that Dantillo defied their demand for him to desist from playing the sermon to public hearing.
He said that one of the accused (Bawa Ibrahim) confronted and threatened “to deal” with the husband of the rape victim.
The accused utilised the departure of Dantillo on a fishing expedition to abduct and rape his wife and then stole N150,000 from her

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What is wrong with this photo?

It's not the obvious...you have to really look to see it. Oh dear! Haha!!! Can anyone see it

7 Men Gang molest 29-Year-Old Married Woman On A Bus

In an incident similar to a sexual assault that sent shock waves worldwide, Indian police say a woman was gang-molestd over the weekend by seven men after she boarded a bus at night. Police arrested six suspects, including the bus driver, after the alleged Friday night attack in Gurdaspur district in Punjab. A manhunt for the other man was under way Sunday. 

Just like a gang r*pe in New Delhi that sparked international outrage last month, the new attack occurred after the woman got on a bus. The bus sped past her stop, police said. By that time, the woman was the only passenger. The bus driver and his helper then took the married 29-year-old woman to an undisclosed address where five others joined the two men and r*ped her throughout the night, police said. 

“They threatened me with a sharp edged weapon and did wrong things with me,” the victim told CNN’s sister station, CNN-IBN. “They kept me confined all through the night and forced me to do what they want.” The next day, the suspects dropped her off at her village, where she informed her family and alerted police, according to authorities. 

The alleged attack bears a similarity to a December 16 gang molest where attackers assaulted a woman after she boarded a bus. The men also brutally beat her and her male companion, robbed them of their belongings and later dumped them by the side of a road. The number of reported forceful sex crimes in India — a country where a cultural stigma keeps many victims from reporting the crime — has increased drastically, from 2,487 in 1971 to 24,206 in 2011, according to official figures. 

Most women in India have stories of sexual harassment and abuse on public transportation or on the streets, said Seema Sirohi, of the Indian Council on Global Relations.