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Mercy Johnson's Husband Buys Her N16M SUV Car [PHOTO] ODI WIFE

What Do You Guys Thinks??? 
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D'banj Ports To Etisalat; Gets A Mouth Watering N250m Deal

Another indication that D'banj, the Kokomaster, is the king of Nigeria's new generation musicians has again emerged as the Oliver Twist hit maker just hit a mouth watering deal with leading telecommunications firm, Etisalat as a "super" brand ambassador.

A source told Olokunbolablessing.blogspot.Com that D'banj was paid 5 times what other Naija artistes get...
I hear a cheque of N250m was issued to him by Etisalat, a company that really wants to re-establish itself as a leader in the industry, after losing its brand face, Saka, to MTN under controversial circumstances.

The deal was struck recently and D'banj has already shot some commercials for Etisalat being prepared for release. D'banj continues to maintain his leadership role in the industry and his latest show, the DKM concert which took place in Lagos on Sunday was a huge success.

Congrats to the Kokomaster, Eja Nla!

How I was kidnapped, molested for rejecting love advances – UNILAG student

Policemen attached to Adeniji Adele division have arrested a 22-year-old man who alleged kidnapped and molested a student of the University of Lagos, UNILAG, Akoka, for turning down his advances.

The suspect, Babajide Bashorun, was also alleged to have taken unclad shots of his victim (names withheld) and pasted them on the internet with her real name, school, department and age.

But the suspect in an interview with Vanguard claimed that the lady was his girlfriend. He admitted to have taken her unclad pictures and gave them to his friends whose identities he gave as Aje Mayowa and Babajide Ademuyiwa, both final year students of  Architecture also of UNILAG.

The incident, as gathered, occurred two months ago at 1, Ajose Street,  Enu-Owa area of Lagos Island.  But the female undergraduate was silent over the matter until her relations abroad who stumbled on the unclad pictures on the internet contacted her mother in Nigeria, last week.

How it started
Narrating how the incident occurred, the female undergraduate said: “Babajide  came to our house to treat our dog. In the process, he requested  for my phone number and I reluctantly gave him. He started calling me and told me he would like to go out with me.

“But I told him I already had a boyfriend whom I loved. Yet, he kept calling me, saying he was not interested in just going out with me but wanted to  marry  me. Aside that, he kept monitoring my movements and at a point, I deleted his contact on my phone.

“I was returning home for a weekend in April , a car stopped by my side at Idumota bus-stop. Jide was sitting beside a driver who was unknown to me.

“On sighting him, I walked past. But the next thing he did was to hold me by the hand, dragged me into the car and drove to his house.

“When he got home, he started beating me and tore my clothes, asking what  I wanted that he could not give me. He instructed me to unlock my phone and when he discovered that I used my boyfriend’s name as password, he resumed the beating.

“At a point, he gave me his phone to speak with some of his friends who told me I was in for trouble, for turning down a member of their unnamed cult, threatening that they would kill me for treating him shabbily.

“Thereafter, he molested me and when he was done, his friend took his turn despite my plea. When he saw I was bleeding, he stopped and started begging me. At that point, he brought out  his phone and started taking my unclad pictures.  I made attempt to cover my face but he hit me on the head with a bottle and continued taking the shots.

How I escaped
“I begged him to allow me call my mother to give him some money for my release but he refused. I also appealed to him to delete my pictures when he started begging me.

“I stayed in that room all night till the next day when he went out to get me some drugs. Immediately he stepped out, I tried the door and discovered it was  not locked from outside. I quickly changed into one of my dirty clothes in my bag and escaped.

“But I could not tell anyone at home. When my elder brother asked what the problem was on seeing the blood stained clothes, I told him I was involved in  an accident and when my mother insisted on knowing what the problem was, I told her I fought with a course mate. She insisted on going to school with me on seeing the magnitude of the injury but I prevented her.

“Barely had I settled down than Babjide called, threatening to kill me if I disclosed what happened to anyone. As if that was not enough, his friends also called and threatened me as well.”

She is my girlfriend — Suspect
However, on his part, Babjide claimed that the undergraduate was his girlfriend, adding that they only had a fight on that fateful day.

Expressing shock over his arrest, he said: “She is my girlfriend. We only fought in April and have resolved the matter.

“What led to the fight was her request for money to buy an IPad which cost over N100,000. Because of my love for her, I managed to raise N70,000. She visited me on that day and I advised her to change her way of living which included going  to club .

I also accused her of flirting with other men. Along the line, we started fighting and I used a mop stick to hit her and in the process , took shots of her and sent the pictures to my friends. But I did not tell them to paste the pictures on the internet.”

Police sources hinted that efforts were on to arrest Mayowa and Ademuyiwa alleged to have pasted the victim’s  unclad pictures on the internet, while  Babajide had been charged to court  for kidnapping, rape, conspiracy, attempt to commit murder, indecent assault, and assault occasioning harm.

POVERTY??? JSS Students Caught Selling Their Blood Illegally In Lagos For N1,500

About nine junior secondary school students were, on Tuesday, caught selling their blood illegally to a man identified as Mr Sola, in Agege area of Lagos.

According to NigerianTribune, members of the community had noticed how students regularly visited a certain shop located on Owoloabi Omotoye street, Orile Agege, during and after school hours.
After a little investigation, it was discovered that the students had been selling their blood for money.

One of the students caught at the shop, identified as Emeka, a JSS2 pupil, confessed to having
donated his blood thrice and that Sola paid a sum of N1, 500 for every donation, asking them “not to tell anyone about it.”

Some of the students, according to reports gathered, had donated their blood up to 17 times .

The Parent-Teachers’ Association chairman, State Junior High School, Mr Adeyemi, who confirmed the  incident, said some of the students, who seemed very sickly as a result of the continuous blood donation, had been taken to the hospital for care, while the rest had been released to their parents.

The case has been reported to the Education district 1 for further address.
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BUSTED: Cheating Wife Caught In The Act & Forced To Have $ex With Her Boyfriend

 TOO BAD! This incident happened in Anambra State of Nigeria. A cheating wife was caught in the act with her boyfriend by her husband and the people in the community took justice into their hands by forcing the cheating partners to have $ex in public while they watch. The husband who couldn't watch, walked away from the scene to throw away the properties of his cheating wife from his house.
This jungle justice happened in a community near Anambra State University.

Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Italian Ex-Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi Sentenced To 7 Years In Jail

 Shamed former Italian leader Silvio Berlusconi has been sentenced to seven years in jail for paying for underage sex with an exotic dancer at his infamous bunga bunga parties.

The sleazy ex PM, 76, was convicted of giving cash to a prostitute dubbed 'Ruby the Heartstealer' in return for sex at his villa – then using his influence to try to cover it up.

The ban on holding office could mean the end of Berlusconi’s two-decade political career.
Berlusconi and Ruby the Heartstealer
However, his lawyer immediately announced he would appeal, branding the sentence unjust. There are two more levels of appeal before the sentence becomes final.

Billionaire media mogul Berlusconi holds no official post in the current Italian government but remains influential in the uneasy cross-party coalition that emerged after inconclusive February elections.

Trial ... Judge Giulia Turri reads the sentence for Berlusconi today - June 24

The charges stem from his bunga bunga parties in 2010 at his mansion near Milan, where he wined and dined beautiful young women while he was premier. He claims the parties were elegant soirees but prosecutors have branded them sex-fuelled romps that women were paid to attend.

Both Berlusconi and Ruby, whose real name is Karima el-Mahroug, have denied ever having sex.

Ms el-Mahroug, now 20, has said that Berlusconi’s disco featured aspiring showgirls dressed as sexy nuns and nurses performing striptease acts, with one woman even dressing up as President Barack Obama.

16 Years Old boy sentenced to 90yrs In Prison for killing 1yr old baby

Sixteen-year-old Donald Ray Dokins’ short stature and baby face belie the crime he committed: the fatal shooting of a 1-year-old boy in the arms of his proud and doting father.
As he prepared to sentence the teenager, Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Pat Connolly could barely contain his contempt. “You have no intestinal fortitude to sit up and look at me,” Connolly said to Dokins, who was staring at the floor, avoiding the judge’s gaze. “You have hatred in your heart that I can’t understand.”

Prosecutors say that on June 4, 2012, Dokins, a then-15-year-old gang member, rode up on a bicycle to a family gathered outside a home in Watts. He drew a revolver and opened fire, killing 14-month-old Angel Mauro Cortez Vega and wounding his 21-year-old father, Mauro Cortez. Dokins, authorities say, mistakenly believed the father was a member of a rival gang because of the color of his T-shirt.
Prosecutors charged Dokins as an adult. Connolly sentenced him to 90 years to life in prison. Before the sentencing, friends and relatives of both the victims and Dokins addressed the court. Dokins’ brother Derrick Washington described his sibling as a straight-A student who wrote poetry. Washington broke down in tears, asserting his brother’s innocence. “He’s not a monster.
He’s just a little boy,” said Washington, wearing a rosary around his neck. Another family member told the judge that Dokins wouldn’t be around to raise his own daughter, who police said is close to

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(PHOTO)Baby Found Floating Inside Well In Lagos

The picture above and the story was sent in by a fan.

 Pls we saw dis cute fair hairy baby boy, swollen and floating inside well, in my street
@ lagos, isachi.

Gush some girls are so heartless i hv bn crying, my husband opened d well last nite den i saw it, police men came 2 fetch out d
baby ds afternoon and i saw d baby ds
afternoon, just 2 houses after my ḥ̣̥ọ̥ụ̥s̥ẹ̣̥, d
mother’s blood and placentais on d street . D worst part of it, shε̲̣̣̣̥ dropped d baby in front
of a woman dat has bn looking 4 child 4
dpast years.

D well is front of d ḥ̣̥ọ̥ụ̥s̥ẹ̣̥ dat ds
woman is living , police came and shε̲̣̣̣̥ has ran away even d 3 girls. Dat is her room partner has ran away. Guys, there is no other name
for this, it is pure wickedness. may his gentle
soul rest in peace. Amen


Amnesty International condemns 'homophobia' in Africa

Homophobic attacks have reached dangerous levels in sub-Saharan Africa and must stop, Amnesty International has said in a report.

Governments are increasingly criminalising "homosexual acts" by seeking to impose new laws and draconian penalties, it adds.

This sends the "toxic message" that lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender people are criminals, the report says.

Some of the continent's leaders say homosexuality is un-African.

In 2011, the US and UK hinted that they could withdraw from countries which did not respect homosexual rights on the socially conservative continent.

However, Amnesty said US religious groups "actively fund and promote homophobia in Africa", while many of the laws were inherited from the colonial era.

'Inflaming hostility'

Homosexual acts are still a crime in 38 sub-Saharan African countries it said in a report titled "Making Love a Crime: Criminalisation of same-sex conduct in sub-Saharan Africa".

There is no specific legislation outlawing homosexual acts in 12 African countries, mostly former French colonies, while gay rights are recognised in South Africa.

In the last five years, South Sudan and Burundi have introduced new laws criminalising same-sex relations, it says.

The parliaments of Uganda, Liberia and Nigeria have draft laws before them, seeking to increase penalties.

"These poisonous laws must be repealed and the human rights of all Africans upheld," Amnesty said.

"In some African countries political leaders target sexual orientation issues to distract attention from their overall human rights records, often marked by rampant discrimination and violence against women, corruption and lack of media freedoms," it added.

In South Africa, at least seven people, five of them lesbians, were murdered between June and November 2012 in what appears to have been targeted violence related to their sexual orientation or gender identity, the report says.

This is despite the fact that homosexual acts are not illegal in South Africa and the country boasts one of the most progressive constitutions in the world, it adds.

In many instances, media reports also inflame hostility towards people not conforming to heterosexual norms, Amnesty says.

In 2010, Uganda's Rolling Stone magazine published a photograph of gay rights activist David Kato next to a headline reading "Hang Them", it says.

Just a month later, he was killed in his home, although the police have denied it was a hate crime.

In Cameroon, people are regularly arrested after being denounced as being gay or lesbian because of their "appearance or conjecture, rather than evidence", Amnesty says.

Some individuals accused of same sex conduct in Cameroon have been imprisoned for three years without trial or charge, it adds.

Former detainees from Cameroon told Amnesty that they were subjected to "invasive procedures such as forced anal exams" while in custody, the report says.

In Kenya, people told Amnesty that sometimes the police threaten to arrest them under provisions in the penal code related to same-sex relations in order to obtain a bribe, the report adds.

"Extortionists also use the existence of these laws to demand money or goods in exchange for not revealing real or even made-up private details to the media, community or police," Amnesty said.

Four Prisoners Hanged In Edo

Four prisoners on death row were executed yesterday by officials of the Nigeria Prison Services in Edo State.
One of those also to be executed is to die by firing squad.
The four prisoners were killed after a Federal High Court rejected a lawsuit file by some Non-Government Organisations (NGOs) against signing of the execution warrants by Governor Adams Oshiomhole.
Edo State Commissioner for Justice and Attorney-General, Henry Idahagbon confirmed the execution but said it was an affair of the Nigeria Prisons.
He said a notice of appeal was brought to him but whether it was served on prisons officials were not his concern.
The names of the executed prisoners could not be confirmed as at press time.
Deputy Director for Africa at Amnesty International, Lucy Freeman, in a statement, called for the halting of the executions and described the court decision as a major setback for justice and human rights in Nigeria.
“The Nigerian authorities must immediately halt the execution of these five men and allow them to appeal their cases in the courts.”
According to Amnesty International’s Death Sentences and Executions 2012 report, Nigeria has not carried out any known executions since 2006, but sentenced 56 people to death last year. Approximately, 1000 people are reportedly on death row in the country.

(PHOTO) See OJB's Present Condition

See OJB's Present Photo

The singer and producer is still asking for help. To donate to him please see the details below;
Babatunde Okungbowa. UBA - 1015075120

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5 Types Of Women Men Should Avoid

Here is a list of women guys should stay away from...

Women are always quick to state what they hate about men, trying to prove that it's them who should work towards keeping the relationship going. However, it's not always men who are to be blamed. Let's face it, as there are things women hate about men, there are also quite a few things that men hate about women. Here are few kinds of women that men tend to stay away from:

Miss clingy
Believed to be every man's worst fear, this type of woman frequently verbalises how desperate she is to get married. Clinginess is a big mix of insecurity, possessiveness, and other self-esteem issues. Men generally end up identifying such women only when they can are well into a relationship. Though such women initially appear to be independent, once they are in a relationship and feels safe, her neediness begins to manifest.

Miss I, me, myself
Unlike other women, these are the ones most men will give chance and try to win over, simply because these women are a challenge. Because of the strength these women possess most men tend to avoid commitment with them. However, they are captivated by this strength and view winning them over as conquest. These women have both, the competitiveness of a man and the sensitivity of a woman. In an instant, they can switch from being seductive to emotionally distant. In fact, they use their hatred for men as a shield to avoid being hurt.

Miss I'm the best
It is believed that successful women are the ones men tend to feel threatened by and to an extent it holds true. Actually, men are not threatened by successful women, but are of the opinion that successful women do not need them.

A lot of women often say that they do not need a man to make them happy, as they earn good money, own a house, and have a wonderful social life. Such women do not depend on men and this is what puts them off the list. Definitely men do not want a woman who is totally dependent on them, but when a confident woman allows herself to depend on them, man get flattered.

Miss chatter-box
For a man, a talkative woman is neither good nor bad. Most women are accused of being too talkative when, in reality, they are speaking more simply because they are discussing a subject that is of great interest to them and not just because women talk more. In a woman's world, everyone speaks together. In the world of men, it is considered rude to speak out of turn and one is not to be interrupted by the other until he's done. Therefore, when a woman asks a man a question and he proceeds to answer her - and then she begins to interject her opinions for the next 10 minutes - he'll just quit trying.

Miss read my mind
For some reason, a woman expects her man to know exactly what she's thinking at all times. As a result, she constantly tests him, using his responses to gauge his level of love. This type of behaviour should be avoided, as very few men are interested in dealing with the constant guessing games.

TRAGIC: 7 Family Members, 2 Others, Die In Sleep - Delta State

Seven family members including a retired Military Officer identified as Jacob (surname withheld), and two other persons, one of whom a boyfriend to the daughter of the military retiree were on Tuesday found dead in shocking circumstances in their bungalow in Ogbeiawse Quarters, Ime-Obi, Agbor, Ika South Local Government Area of Delta State.

Reports said the ugly incident put fear in the community quarters which became deserted when the news of the mysterious death of the entire family members filtered out.

As it were, two of the deceased identified as Nkechi and Patience were reported to be biological daughters of the retired soldier while three other kids aged between 3 and 4 years were his grandchildren.

The two others, eyewitness said, one of who was a boyfriend to the soldier’s daughter, was said to have visited his girlfriend on the fateful day and when it was night fall, he was persuaded against his will to pass the night there.

Sources said unsuspecting residents of the quarters were informed by the decomposing bodies giving offensive odour and in search of where it was coming from discovered the bungalow filled with “big flies buzzing” all over.

Although, there was no clue to the cause of their death, eyewitnesses said sympathizers who trooped into the premises screamed profusely in tears, while elders  claimed the death of the family members was a taboo.

A family member who do not want his name in print told our correspondent that one of the deceased had returned to Agbor penultimate Thursday for the one year anniversary of their mother’s death, adding that in the course of their discussion, she informed him of her intention to get married in November.

But LEADERSHIP Friday checks revealed that on their arrival from Lagos, they purchased a generating set to supply them electricity during  the activities  marking their mother’s remembrance.

According to our informed source, after the event on Saturday, they were said to have offered a thanksgiving on Sunday June 16, 2013, before the ugly incident.

“The following day (Monday, June 17, 2013), nobody was seen in the house as the bungalow was locked throughout the day and this led to insinuations that the man (Obuteh) may have gone to Lagos with his Lagos-based daughters, alongside the grandchildren. But this was never to be as the unfolding event the following day proved otherwise”, the impeccable source said.

When contacted, the Divisional Police Officer, Agbor Division, SP Dike Albert Uchechi, confirmed the incident, adding that investigation was on going to ascertain the real cause of their death.


Early today, we reported that the mutilated corpse of Oluwaseun Adaramoye, a female undergraduate of Ladoke Akintola University of Technology was found behind a popular guest house at Under G in Ogbomosho.

According to new information at disposal , she left home on Friday to her boyfriend’s hostel with the intention of attending a party. Days after, the boyfriend came forward and told Seun’s roommates that she had been missing for days, just before her corpse was discovered.

When the boyfriend realized her body had been found, he took to his heels and made an attempt to abscond before he was nabbed and handed over to the Police.
The boyfriend’s room was searched today by men of the Nigerian Police force. During the search lasting about 40mins, the police were able to recover several female under garments suspected to be Seun’s. They also found a locally made Calabash in his wardrobe.
The boyfriend who is also an Undergrad of Lautech claimed during initial interrogation that he had been out of town(Ogbomosho) since Sunday-the same day Seun went missing.
As at press time, he remains in police custody as investigations into the case continue.

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Benson Okonkwo nominated for City People Award & Nollywood Sexiest Male in Nollywood

 For him to be nominated in 2 different categories means he is one of Nigeria's finest Actor/Model. He was nominated for Nollywood Sexiest Face and shortly after that, he was nominated for City People Award as Best Supporting Actor. Don't you think that BENSON OKONKWO deserves to win both crown???? Still in doubt??? Then check out these pictures below, we're sure you'll speedily get to your phone and start texting!

Benson on set with his colleagues

 Shot? Naaaaaa............That's movie tins! lol

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Please, your support brought him this far, so lets join our hands and complete that which we have started by getting him the crowns! He deserves it! Don't he?

Ex Police Officer On The Run After Brutally Macheting Wife

POLICE in Ondo State are on the trail of an ex-
police officer, Tajudeen Adeniyi, over an attempt
to kill his wife, Moyosola by macheting her,
inflicting a 10-centimetre deep gash on her head.
The 38-year-old suspect took to his heels
immediately he inflicted the injury on his wife who
has four children for him.
Narrating her ordeal to newsmen on her hospital
bed, yesterday, Moyosola said her husband
abandoned the house for another woman since
November 2012.
Only to invade her apartment at Plaza area of
Akure at about 11 p.m on Wednesday and
attacked her.
See her picture after the cut
According to her, the husband forced the door of
the room open with the use of the mortar and
attacked her with cutlass, bottle and club.
She also alleged that her husband who was
accompanied by two other men inflicted several
machete cuts on her head and neck, making her
lose several pints of blood.
Moyosola explained that after the husband
abandoned her she took their four children to
their hometown in Ogotun-Ekiti.
The doctor taking care of injured Moyosola, Dr.
Matthew Adeyeri, told newsmen that she had
about 12 centimetres cut on her head. He noted
that it was sheer providence that she survived
the attack.
According to him, “if the cut inflicted on the
woman’s neck had been as deep as the one on
her head, she would have died before getting to
the hospital.
The state’s Police image maker, Wole Ogodo, said
men of the command were on the trail of the
suspect for attempted murder.
Adeniyi, according to investigation, has gone
underground following the hint he got that the
family of the wife had reported the incident to the
Consequently, the Police have combed the houses
of his friends and family members to no avail.

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